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Warwickshire Horse Watch Support BHS ‘Dead Slow’ Campaign

The BHS have launched a concerted effort to encourage drivers to slow down.

With an increasing number of reported accidents and incidents involving riders and cars, we’re building on our solid foundation of road safety education and campaigning to make drivers aware of the need to slow down to 15 miles per hour when they encounter horses on the road, and to give riders plenty of room.

The campaign has had significant coverage in local and national media, and the Dead Slow message has primarily been aimed at drivers, but there are many things riders can do to reduce the risk of becoming another statistic.

  • Always wear hi-viz clothing and put hi-viz equipment on your horse – even on bright days, it is surprising how well a horse can be camouflaged against a hedge
  • Unless absolutely necessary, DO NOT ride in failing light, fog or darkness, or when it is snowing or icy
  • Always show courtesy to drivers – if you show drivers appreciation of their efforts, then drivers should return the favour
  • If you are riding a horse that is not used to roads, make sure you are accompanied by an experienced rider and horse
  • Concentrate all the time
  • Make sure you have told someone where you are going and what time you are expected back.

To demonstrate best practice in driving past horses on the road, the BHS have produced a video: